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An orthodontist providing a patient experience through science and art!

No two people are the same and because of this practising as an orthodontist Hampshire requires a variable approach. An orthodontist Hampshire provides treatments that correct your misaligned teeth and jaws allowing you to eat and talk properly. Two patients with the same condition could be treated using the same procedure. No two conditions are identical and there will always be some differences between the two patients which have to be taken into account. Customising the treatment to suit a particular patient is where the art of orthodontics comes into play.

Your condition is our challenge

Just because you have a misalignment condition does not mean that you have to live with it. At Winchester Orthodontics we have a team whose aim is to meet your expectations and we are confident that we have the expertise, knowledge and skill to achieve that ambition. From the time you arrive at our orthodontic surgery you will be welcomed by our friendly caring staff. All our staff attend regular training to ensure that the service we deliver is the best that it can be. As a well-established orthodontist Hampshire you can rest assured that we will strive to correct your condition using the latest skills and equipment. From the time you become a patient of ours we will treat you as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Your teeth are an asset

Your oral cavity is the portal to your body and is vital to ensuring that your body stays healthy throughout your life. Being able to chew your food properly is a basic requirement to allow your stomach to digest your food. The ability to speak clearly without impediment does not have to be a problem caused by a dental condition. Your mental state can be affected by having protruding top or bottom teeth or a mouthful of teeth that are overcrowded. The shape of your face can be affected by your jaw being out of alignment. Suffering from an open bite, when your back teeth meet, but your front teeth remain apart leaving your tongue visible can be uncomfortable. Impacted teeth, when your adult teeth come through in the wrong place or don’t come through your gum properly can be painful or feel awkward. All of these and more are conditions that we can correct, making your life so much better.

Incredible advances

Because technology has moved forward so quickly it has been possible for dental science to utilise the latest hardware and software to develop new equipment and techniques. Misalignment of the teeth used to be treated with only a metal brace for many years but that has changed. The variety of dental aids that we can employ to correct virtually any dental or jaw misalignment means that there is no need for anyone to suffer from these conditions. Some jaw misalignment conditions may require orthognathic surgery to the jaw. Dental misalignment treatment can be done non surgically using a variety of appliances. Braces and aligners have seen such a marked change and there are braces that self-adjust and there are clear or tooth coloured versions. There are even braces that fit onto the inside of your teeth making them inconspicuous. Aligners are normally made from a clear dental material and they fit over your teeth, like a gum shield.

The added technology

Running alongside these treatments is the software and hardware such as a 3D scanner that can take up to six thousand images a second of the interior of your mouth. You can also see a virtual image before you are treated of what your smile will look like after your treatment. We utilise all this equipment and the techniques that have been developed in tandem to provide you with the opportunity to smile broadly and confidently.


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