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Advice from our orthodontist in Hampshire in choosing the right braces for your needs

In today’s day and age, we face the reverse dilemma from that of 30 years ago. We are inundated with a multitude of choices when it comes to selecting an appropriate aid to straighten our teeth. Will it be Invisalign, or would you prefer to stick to tried and tested conventional methods? Or perhaps you would like to merge the best qualities of both models with lingual or clear braces?

Our expert orthodontist in Hampshire wants to make your life easier by providing all the information you need to know about some orthodontic devices that we offer, helping you to make an informed choice for your lifestyle needs.

Pros and cons of Invisalign

You will know about Invisalign if you have done your research. The device, which is referred to by several names, (invisible braces, transparent braces and hidden braces), is fast becoming the most preferred straightening method.

Advantages of Invisalign

- Discreet

As you can probably tell by the attributed names given to the device, Invisalign’s best feature is its invisible nature. Made from smooth and transparent plastic that is entirely free of metal, users of Invisalign can slip their devices into their mouths and wear them throughout their day without anyone noticing. If you are a high flying corporate star wanting to keep your look professional, our orthodontist in Hampshire might recommend Invisalign.

- Removable

Taking the brace out when you eat means you will not have to adjust your diet to exclude particular foods.

You can also take out your device when you brush your teeth, making it easier to reach those difficult spaces without metal getting in the way,

Disadvantages of Invisalign

- Discipline and the inconvenience of taking your aligner in and out

Some people like the permanent fixture of metal braces because they do not have to be equipped with self-discipline to remember to replace the device after eating and brushing teeth.

At the same time, removing your aligners for extended periods will directly impact your treatment, adding more time on an already lengthy duration.

All about lingual braces

Lingual braces are a fixed straightening aid with a difference: the device is glued to the back of your teeth and out of sight.

Benefits of lingual braces

  • They are practically invisible - a feature that our more self-conscious patients will enjoy.

  • They are custom made to fit your mouth perfectly, which makes them more effective in solving a particular issue.


  • They can be extremely uncomfortable, especially on your tongue

  • Treatment time is longer and can be more expensive than traditional metal braces

  • You might have a temporary lisp as your tongue gets used to the foreign object in your mouth

We have mentioned just some of the life-changing braces currently on the market. Come down to Winchester Orthodontics so our expert orthodontist in Winchester can give you a full rundown of all our straightening aids - there is something for everyone.


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