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A discreet way to a new smile

Winchester Orthodontics is delighted to offer our patients a range of services as an experienced orthodontist in Hampshire. If you have misaligned teeth but have always worried about unsightly or uncomfortable braces then you may like to know that there are new techniques available which are suitable for both adults and children.

Reasons to smile

We have helped many of our patients who trust us as their orthodontist in Hampshire to improve their appearance and the overall health of their mouths. Technology such as invisible, hidden or clear braces offer an option for everyone so that there is no reason to be self-conscious or awkward about how you look or feel. You may have heard about the new invisible brace system, Invisalign (sometimes misspelt as Invisaline) or clear braces which use advanced, clear materials to gently realign your teeth without needing to have a mouthful of ugly metal. Hidden braces can be fitted behind your teeth and offer a great alternative for adults who want their treatment to be discreet.

Which alternative is best?

As a friendly and professional Hampshire orthodontist, we look forward to discussing your options with you. An initial consultation with one of our team will help you decide what will suit you best. For example, clear braces are quicker but many people prefer Invisalign which is very comfortable, removeable and uses treatment software to plan and monitor the whole process. We take scans, X-rays and photographs of your teeth which will help us determine what procedures would be suitable and tailor our approach to suit you as an individual.

What to expect from treatment

Whatever option you choose from your experienced Hampshire orthodontist, you can expect great results. We will support you through every stage of the process from deciding how you want to look and choosing the right treatment to ensuring proper dental hygiene and providing aftercare in the form of retainers if necessary. We want to ensure that you have a smile you are proud of and an outcome that lasts.

Give yourself something to smile about and talk to Winchester Orthodontics, your orthodontist in Hampshire, about how we can help you.


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