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5 advantages of braces from our orthodontist in Winchester

It is often the case that when a parent is told that their child needs to wear braces, they feel a sense of dread.

While a functional device that will ultimately lead to better dental health in adult life, braces are a far from popular treatment among children. Many children worry that wearing a brace will impact on their appearance and make them the subject of jokes from their peers. However, it is important as a parent to remember that the wearing of a traditional brace offers your child far more in the long term than a straighter smile.

When you visit our team at Winchester Orthodontics, our orthodontist in Hampshire will assess your child's unique presentation, and decide on the best treatment plan for them. While orthodontic intervention is common between the ages of 9 to 11, we are also able to offer advice to parents of older and younger children. After all, in orthodontics, prevention is key!

But what are some of the advantages of your child wearing a traditional, metal brace? Our orthodontist in Hampshire has the answers!


It is an overlooked part of orthodontic care, but if your child has teeth which are misaligned, it can lead to a lapse in facial symmetry in adulthood.

Indeed, facial appearances often improve post-orthodontic treatment for children and teenagers, leading to higher levels of confidence in adulthood. Talk to our orthodontist in Hampshire for more details.


We all remember losing our baby teeth and developing a temporary lisp while our adult teeth came through.

If your child has teeth that have emerged at unusual angles, this will inevitably cause their speech patterns to change, potentially causing issues with pronunciation. While wearing an orthodontic brace may be associated with developing issues with speech, it can actually alleviate them. Straightening the teeth allows the tongue to move normally, and the closing of gaps can also improve vocal patterns.

Better health

It has long been established that people who have misaligned teeth often have gastrointestinal issues.

Why? Because misaligned teeth cannot bite into or grind food correctly, causing larger pieces of food to go through digestion, which can lead to issues like acid reflux or heartburn. And so, if your child has braces fitted now, while we cannot guarantee they will never have tummy problems, their chances are significantly reduced!

Easier maintenance

Straighter teeth are easier to brush correctly - it really is that simple.

Adults who have undertaken orthodontic treatments as children are found to have improved dental health in adulthood, as maintaining their teeth is easier. Fewer cavities, fewer incidences of decay and lower numbers of gum disease in those with straighter smiles are a great reason to say yes to your child wearing a brace.

Prevents further issues

Issues like protrusion and impacted teeth are more common in those who have not had orthodontic treatments in childhood. Mix that in with the increased risk of tooth decay and it's easy to see why your child should wear a brace if needed!


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