Solving the fixed braces dilemma

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Do you get nervous about braces being attached to your teeth? Does the thought of bonding metal to your teeth send shivers down your spine? Well, if that is the main reason you have avoided braces then shiver no more for this problem has been solved.

Orthodontist in HampshireWhat is the solution?

If you have wonky teeth and are a suitable candidate, our orthodontist in Hampshire will be able to offer you Invisalign, or as it sometimes misspelt, Invisaline.

Invisalign is known as ‘the invisible brace’.  It is a series of removable aligners made out of translucent plastic moulded to fit over your teeth. This design means there is no need for bonding or cementing of any metal devices to the fronts of your teeth.

What is the Invisalign procedure?

When you come in for a consultation at Winchester Orthodontics, our orthodontist in Hampshire will first make an assessment of your teeth and the positions in which they lie. From this assessment we will be able to advise if Invisalign is suitable for your needs. We will explain the details of the treatment and during this time welcome any questions or concerns you have. During the next appointment we will take some x-rays, photos and a special 3D scan. These scans and photos are uploaded onto a computer and the digital imagery created will be able to give you an expected time frame of the treatment. It will also show you how your teeth will be positioned at the end of treatment.

Our orthodontist in Hampshire will then arrange for a series of unique aligners to be made. Each aligner is worn for 7-10 days before moving onto the next one in the series. Each of the aligners is designed to have slightly different pressure points from the previous one to ensure continued pressure is applied to your teeth. Over time, your teeth will move into the desired position, resulting in a healthier alignment of teeth.

The aligners are also removable which means you can take them out for eating, drinking and tooth brushing. For optimal results, it is recommended that they are worn for at least 20-22 hours per day and only removed when absolutely necessary.

Looking for an orthodontist in Hampshire you can rely on?

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Please carry on reading if looking for an orthodontist who is professional, knowledgeable and has a genuine caring for patients. Simply put, our orthodontist in Hampshire is one you can trust.

Orthodontist in HampshireWhat can our orthodontist in Hampshire do for you?

At Winchester Orthodontics, our orthodontist can change the way you speak, eat and live for the better. We can change it a little or a lot, depending on your dental needs. We are here to transform your smile and not just for aesthetic purposes either. It is well known that a straighter set of teeth has several dental benefits.

For example, straighter teeth can reduce the chance of food becoming trapped between the teeth in hard to reach places and therefore lessens the risk of tooth decay.

Having a straighter set of teeth means chewing can be done more effectively thereby aiding digestion.

In some cases having crooked, misaligned teeth can even affect your speech.

Having a misaligned jawbone can be the cause of headaches and can also create muscle tension in your jaw, neck, shoulders and back.

Discussing the future with our orthodontist in Hampshire

Our orthodontist in Hampshire realises that receiving this life changing treatment is a huge decision in anyone’s life. At Winchester Orthodontics, our orthodontist is always willing to take extra time to explain each treatment, step by step. We want to ensure you have a complete and thorough understanding of the treatment, not only to understand what will happen but also for you to be able to tell us exactly what you want to achieve from it.

We can discuss any concerns or questions you have arising from our conversation. Questions such as how long it will take? Will it hurt? How much will it cost? If you are on a tight budget then we can discuss a potential payment plan too.

In some cases we may need to recommend a specific treatment but in other cases, which are not so severe, we will be able to offer you a range of leading brands to choose from, including Invisalign (or as it is sometimes misspelt, Invisaline), a series of transparent aligners designed for a more discreet treatment.

Why go with a Hampshire orthodontist?

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Do an internet search for braces in Hampshire and you’ll find pages and pages of search results. Adult braces seem to be all the rage now that there are clear braces to take the embarrassment out of having your teeth straightened. This means more and more dental practices are offering them as part of their services. However, there is a difference between going to a dental practice with a general dentist trained in a specific teeth-straightening method versus going to a dental practice with an orthodontist.

At Winchester Orthodontics, Suzette Mulder, our Hampshire orthodontist, hasn’t just undergone training in specific teeth straightening systems but has also devoted years more in training to become an orthodontist.

Hampshire OrthodontistWhat does it take to become an orthodontist?

To become a general dentist already takes five years, but becoming an orthodontist takes a whole lot longer. There are 3 years of intense study focusing on how to treat misaligned teeth and bites that don’t come together properly. Then on top of this, many orthodontists will also hit the books once more to get a master’s degree.

Our Hampshire orthodontist is a case in point. After qualifying as a dentist Suzette completed her postgraduate diploma in orthodontics and a Master of Science at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She then completed yet another master’s degree at Medunsa Medical University, South Africa, in orthodontics and finally got her UK Membership in Orthodontics (MOrth) from the Royal College of Edinburgh.

So, why choose a Hampshire orthodontist for your braces treatment?

With all those years of extra training and study, Suzette, our Hampshire orthodontist, can handle all manner of teeth straightening problems, from the mild to the complex. Her expertise in this field means whatever dental issues you may have, Suzette can provide an appropriate solution and comprehensive care. In the last 10 years alone, she has successfully completed over 4,300 cases.

What can we offer you?

Suzette is trained in an array of teeth-straightening systems: Damon clear braces, Damon metal braces, Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, as well as the usual traditional fixed metal braces.

See Suzette for your braces and you’ll know that you are in safe hands.

Your Hampshire orthodontist is here to help

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There are lots of secret ways to make yourself look slimmer, taller, broader or curvaceous. It’s all about picking the right clothes; for example for that slim look, go with vertical lines and darker colours. When it comes to your teeth, you may be under the impression that there is no secret way to straighten them out and give your smile a new look. Well, you’d be wrong. Today there is a whole range of clear braces designed with discretion in mind. At Winchester Orthodontics our Hampshire orthodontist is trained in quite a few of them, so you get to take your pick with our advice and guidance.

Hampshire OrthodontistForget the elastics

Traditional fixed braces are quite a mouthful, you’ve got metal brackets and wires and on top of all of that elastics too. With the Damon system of braces there is one less thing for you to contend with: its innovative design means there is no need for elastics. What’s more, if you opt for Damon clear braces, then your brackets will be clear, making your braces even less conspicuous.

Where did they go?

Another overhaul of traditional fixed metal braces happened with the advent of lingual braces. When our Hampshire orthodontist gets to work on fixing these onto your teeth, she won’t be putting them on the fronts of your teeth but instead onto the backs, adjacent to your tongue. This means they will be completely hidden from onlookers, unless they plan on getting very up close and personal.

Not even braces

Invisalign clear braces, often misspelt Invisaline when popped into Google, aren’t really braces at all. They are a series of removable, clear aligners that our Hampshire orthodontist will have custom-made to straighten your teeth. You’ll need to take them out when you eat and drink, with the only exception being when you glug some water. Although it might sound like a hassle, you’ll actually find it means you avoid mindless snacking and can enjoy your meals without worrying about food getting stuck in your braces.

Get in touch

These aren’t the only braces we have on offer. So get in touch with our Hampshire orthodontist Suzette Mulder, to find out what else we’ve got for you.

Discover more about Orthodontics

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Orthodontics is a form of dentistry designed to correct the position and alignment of your teeth or bite (otherwise known as malocclusion). This is usually done through a brace, aligner or a fixed appliance. It is an effective and long-lasting treatment, although in some cases after the initial treatment is concluded, teeth can try and slowly return to their original position. To prevent this happening, you will be given a removable retention device to wear at night. At Winchester Orthodontics, our orthodontist in Hampshire is happy to discuss the options to transform your smile or correct your bite.

Orthodontist in HampshireThe benefits of orthodontics

Aesthetics is not the only benefit of receiving orthodontic work. Straightening your teeth will not only transform your smile but it will give you a boost of confidence. Realigning the jaw or teeth will make eating easier. Having straighter teeth makes it harder for food bits to become trapped in hard-to-reach places. Realigning the jaw can alleviate muscular stress. It can remove pressure off your neck, shoulder and back as well as relieve headaches.

After an initial consultation and assessment of your teeth, our orthodontist in Hampshire will be able to ascertain which orthodontic treatment will benefit you most.

The ‘Ugly Betty’ misconception

So you need orthodontic work carried out but you don’t want to look like Ugly Betty? Well the chances are you won’t need to. Over the years, orthodontics have come up with new designs to make treatments more discreet and more time effective. Let our orthodontist in Hampshire surprise you with what options could be available to you.

Options start from clear braces, which are made from clear ceramic with a delicate wire joining them together. These braces are subtle and attractive.

Lingual braces that are attached behind your teeth so no-one will be aware of your treatment, unless you tell them.

Clear aligners from Invisalign, which are virtually invisible to the untrained eye and are removable for eating and any special occasions.

But if you are happy to be bold and beautiful, the ‘retro’ metal braces are still on the list, with brightly coloured elastics if you want to make a feature of them.

Finding the right orthodontist in Hampshire

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Getting work done on your teeth can be a huge decision. The time involved, the cost and the trust that it’s all going to work out well. It has to be the right choice and so it is reassuring to know there is an orthodontist in Hampshire who dedicates her time and energy to ensuring all her patients are comfortable and receiving only the highest level of care and attention.

Orthodontist in HampshireWinchester Orthodontics is where you will be able to relax and put your full trust in our highly skilled orthodontist. In Hampshire, we take pride in our caring team who undertake regular postgraduate training sessions to keep on top of the ever-evolving world of orthodontics. Our practice houses only modern equipment and we use the up-to-date techniques and appliances suited to your needs.

What treatments are available at Winchester Orthodontics?

We realise that an orthodontic option that works for one person may not work for another. It is for this very reason there is a wide range of orthodontic options available at Winchester Orthodontics.  After a thorough examination our orthodontist in Hampshire will be able to make an assessment and decide which option is suitable to you. She will then take the time to discuss with you the details of that procedure. If there is more than one treatment suitable, she will go through the pros and cons of each one to enable you to make a confident and informed decision.

Clear braces, metal braces, lingual braces and removable aligners. These are all options that our orthodontist in Hampshire can discuss with you.

We offer orthodontic treatments to adults and children alike. We even offer Invisalign Teen, a clear aligner that is virtually invisible to the untrained eye. We understand that teenagers have enough on their plate without the extra concern of wearing unsightly ‘train tracks’.

Not only do we believe in a straighter smile, our orthodontist in Hampshire is happy to go over the teeth whitening treatments we offer. This is done at home with custom-made trays. A special tooth whitening gel is placed inside the tray, which is worn for a few hours each day. This is continued until the desired shade of white is achieved.

No need to wrestle with the idea of having braces

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At Winchester Orthodontics, we can help you to get past any doubts about having your teeth straightened once and for all. If you are wrestling with the pros and cons of reaching out for treatment, our orthodontist in Hampshire is happy to discuss any treatment frankly and without using any jargon or trying to hide anything.

Orthodontist-in-HampshireThe truth about braces from the orthodontist in Hampshire

Being fully informed about your future treatment will help put things in perspective for you. Most of the time, the reality is better than people think, once they know the facts.

At Winchester Orthodontics, we get to know the way that people think about treatments like this. We can reassure you without having you feel like we are trying to paper over any genuine issues with positivity to persuade you to get a certain treatment with the orthodontist in Hampshire.

Some things that you won’t often hear from a dentist

While we work with several brands that are termed ‘invisible braces’, we all know that equipment cannot truly be invisible, so what’s going on here? The truth is that equipment is either designed to blend in with the teeth, transparent or hidden on the backs of the teeth. These are the three ways that braces can be invisible.

Teeth straightening always takes some time. There is no magical way to get teeth to move faster than they are naturally inclined to do so. It is true that dentists are more skilled at efficient treatments that get the job done in a shorter amount of time. Also, the general focus of some treatments has changed to mostly cosmetic goals, which also shortens treatment times. You are now looking at months for a treatment rather than years.

It’s important for you to know that there is always a degree of discomfort associated with anything but the most minor treatments. However, you also need to know that it fades quickly and can be addressed with simple painkillers from your chemist if you need them. You can also try some other techniques, such as dental wax, that we can discuss with you at your follow-up appointments.

How the orthodontist in Hampshire can help you move forward

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Are you used to looking in the mirror and judging a part of yourself, like your smile? Maybe you always try and cover your mouth, or you often think something like: ‘Wow, I look great, but I wish my teeth were straighter,’ or, ‘I wish that gap wasn’t there’. Don’t worry – this is a common issue and one that you don’t need to live with. A little help from the orthodontist in Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics can help.

Orthodontist in HampshireWhy do your teeth look the way that they do?

The positions of our teeth are often determined by genetics, although there are some factors that can affect their positions while they are growing such as thumb-sucking, for example. You don’t need to feel any kind of shame around the way that your teeth look, regardless of the reason for it. Life happens, and things turn out the way that they do, but this doesn’t mean that you have to accept circumstances that you don’t like when there are things you can do to make a difference.

When you make an appointment with Winchester Orthodontics, you can feel proud that you are taking control of your situation and paying a visit to the orthodontist in Hampshire. You may find you get a boost in confidence just from making an appointment. We often find that we start getting a positive psychological response from simply being on the journey without having to wait until we get where we’re going.

What can we do?

At Winchester Orthodontics, we can create an individualised treatment plan that takes you from the smile you have to the one you want to see when you look in that mirror. This might include fixed braces, invisible braces, clear aligners or, in some cases, more traditional braces, depending on what we need to achieve. We also offer a teeth-whitening service, which you can take advantage of to show off your dazzling smile when your treatment is finished.

We provide you with plenty of information, excellent support and diligent aftercare, whichever treatment method you choose. At Winchester Orthodontics, we look forward to helping you move forward into a life that contains a brighter, better smile.

There’s more to your orthodontist in Hampshire than meets the eye

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Getting your teeth straightened is a pretty serious matter. This will affect you for the rest of your life. By choosing Dr Suzette Mulder at Winchester Orthodontics as your orthodontist in Hampshire, you are choosing a skilled professional, trained, tested and trusted by many. Becoming an orthodontist is no mean feat, first there is the five year dental degree, then follows extra training to become a certified orthodontist. After all these qualifications, orthodontists next face the ever-changing world of available treatments. Here at Winchester Orthodontics, Dr Suzette Mulder keeps up with the latest developments in orthodontic treatments, making her able to offer patients the most up-to-date care.

Orthodontist in HampshireChoosing the right type of brace

When visiting Winchester Orthodontics, you will meet our Hampshire orthodontist, Dr Suzette Mulder who can offer you tailored, informed advice. Wherever possible, Suzette will recommend the most discrete brace system available. In most cases this is Invisalign, a system that uses transparent aligners that are worn over your teeth.

Invisalign method

Invisalign braces look much like the plastic retainers many people wear after they have had traditional braces. With this system, you do not need to visit us all the time to have wires straightened. There are no wires. In fact, usually metal is out of the equation all together. You are in control of straightening your teeth with a series of removable aligners that you will receive at the beginning of your treatment. When you get these aligners, you will instantly be able to track the journey to your new smile. Each retainer should be worn for 7-10 days and should be kept in your mouth as much as possible to make progress. We recommend that you only take your aligners out for eating and cleaning (both the aligners and your teeth), however, you can also occasionally remove them for special events that you would prefer not to have braces in your mouth for.

Our orthodontist in Hampshire, Dr Suzette Mulder, can help you to achieve a straighter, healthier smile in around 9-18 months, depending on the amount of treatment you need. Give us a call and book a consultation to see how Suzette can help you.

Find out how we can help you get straighter teeth

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Winchester Orthodontic Practice is a leading orthodontist in Hampshire. We provide many different brace options such as Damon metal braces, Damon clear braces, lingual hidden braces, traditional metal braces and other appliances that can be used to straighten your teeth.

Orthodontist in HampshireIf you live in the Hampshire area and are looking to straighten your teeth, whether you are an adult or teenager, we can help you. Many of our patients say that they would recommend us as a trusted orthodontist in Hampshire. Why not make an appointment to discover what your options are? We can help you to make the best decision for the future of your teeth. Of course, every case is different and will require unique treatment and care.

Have you heard of Invisalign?

We are an Invisalign provider. If you haven’t heard of invisalign before, this is an invisible straightening system. It can fix teeth that are too far apart, too close together or twisted, in a reliable, discrete and manageable way that fits in with your lifestyle. Many people will not notice you are wearing Invisalign, so you can smile, talk and act normally during your treatment. Invisalign aligners are removable meaning you can eat and drink your regular foods. You can also remove them if you have a special event to attend or you have a situation that requires you to remove your braces. These features make Invisalign increasingly popular in our practice. If you are looking for a discreet way to improve your smile with an orthodontist in Hampshire give us a call to find out more and book a consultation appointment.

Why straighter teeth are good for your health

Studies show that patients with straight teeth tend to have better dental hygiene throughout their life. This is because straight teeth are much easier to keep clean than wonky teeth. When your teeth are easier to clean you are less likely to suffer from decay, gum disease and serious complications such as tooth loss, root canal infections and abscesses. With the brace systems we have available you can have straighter teeth in a relatively short time. When you care for your teeth well, your new straighter teeth make a good investment for the future.