21st century braces with Invisalign

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If you want to have your teeth straightened without everyone you meet making it a topic of conversation, then Invisalign almost invisible aligners could be the answer.

Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire offers teeth straightening treatment that doesn’t involve telling the whole world what you are up to.

orthodontics-in-hampshireThere are several systems your orthodontist in Hamsphire may suggest when you come to us for a consultation. One that stands out from the crowd when it comes to discretion is Invisalign. This treatment uses transparent plastic trays, which look rather like mouth-guards, that fit over your teeth. This teeth straightening solution is so discreet that it is often referred to as invisible braces.

What to expect from your teeth straightening journey

Your orthodontist in Hampshire will take impressions of your teeth and send them over to Invisalign’s laboratory in the United States. Technicians there then figure out the path along which your teeth need to travel to reach their straightened positions. Based on this information, the laboratory will make a series of aligners. Each aligner represents one step along the way to achieving your new smile with straighter, aligned teeth.  The plastic aligners apply gentle pressure to your teeth to gradually nudge them into straighter positions.

Each tray needs to be worn for about 2 weeks for it to do its work. Depending on your individual case, you need to between 12 and 48 aligners to move your teeth.

Invisalign clear aligners are less than half a millimetre thick, making them almost unnoticeable when worn over your teeth. Being removable means it is much easier to clean your teeth, when compared to fixed metal braces. This means you will find it easier to keep you teeth and gums in good health during your treatment. You also have the option of taking your aligners off at mealtimes.

If for some reason Invisalign is not the right system for your particular case, don’t worry. Your orthodontist in Hamsphire can offer you other methods of discreet teeth straightening, such as lingual braces, which are fitted to the backs of the teeth where they are hidden from view.

A discreet way to a new smile

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Winchester Orthodontics is delighted to offer our patients a range of services as an experienced orthodontist in Hampshire. If you have misaligned teeth but have always worried about unsightly or uncomfortable braces then you may like to know that there are new techniques available which are suitable for both adults and children.

orthodontics-in-hampshireReasons to smile

We have helped many of our patients who trust us as their orthodontist in Hampshire to improve their appearance and the overall health of their mouths. Technology such as invisible, hidden or clear braces offer an option for everyone so that there is no reason to be self-conscious or awkward about how you look or feel. You may have heard about the new invisible brace system, Invisalign (sometimes misspelt as Invisaline) or clear braces which use advanced, clear materials to gently realign your teeth without needing to have a mouthful of ugly metal. Hidden braces can be fitted behind your teeth and offer a great alternative for adults who want their treatment to be discreet.

Which alternative is best?

As a friendly and professional Hampshire orthodontist, we look forward to discussing your options with you. An initial consultation with one of our team will help you decide what will suit you best. For example, clear braces are quicker but many people prefer Invisalign which is very comfortable, removeable and uses treatment software to plan and monitor the whole process. We take scans, X-rays and photographs of your teeth which will help us determine what procedures would be suitable and tailor our approach to suit you as an individual.

What to expect from treatment

Whatever option you choose from your experienced Hampshire orthodontist, you can expect great results. We will support you through every stage of the process from deciding how you want to look and choosing the right treatment to ensuring proper dental hygiene and providing aftercare in the form of retainers if necessary. We want to ensure that you have a smile you are proud of and an outcome that lasts.

Give yourself something to smile about and talk to Winchester Orthodontics, your orthodontist in Hampshire, about how we can help you.

Finding the best braces for you

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Crooked, overcrowded or unevenly spaced teeth can have a real impact on how you feel about your smile. This can even affect how you eat and speak if the top and bottom teeth are not aligned correctly. In the past, metal braces were the only option but at Winchester Orthodontics we are delighted to offer a full range of new techniques as an established orthodontist in Hampshire.

orthodontics-in-hampshireHow can orthodontics help me?

We are proud to offer a welcoming, professional service to patients looking for an orthodontist in Hampshire. Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which focusses on aligning and straightening the teeth. Treatment today is faster, more comfortable and more discrete than ever before. The techniques we offer include hidden braces, clear braces and invisible braces, also known as Invisalign. This is sometimes misspelt as ‘Invisaline’ but Invisalign is the product being referred to. So, if misaligned teeth are creating problems for you physically or in terms of your appearance, then orthodontics could be the solution.

The subtle approach

As an established Hampshire orthodontist, invisible, hidden or clear braces allow us to offer teeth straightening procedures without you needing to show everyone that you are having treatment. The end results speak for themselves. Invisalign uses a progressive system of clear mouth trays which use gentle pressure to align your teeth. The trays or aligners are custom made for your mouth using the latest 3D technology and changed regularly to gradually move your teeth into the correct position. You can smile freely and remove the aligners when you are eating or cleaning your teeth so the impact on your day to day life is minimal. If Invisalign is not right for you, other techniques are available. Clear braces use tieless braces with high technology arch wires and are suitable for everyone. They work quickly and comfortably to give you the smile you want.

Our team prides itself on its experience and commitment to keeping up with the latest advances. When this is combined with our friendly approach, it is no wonder that we are a highly respected orthodontist in Hampshire. We look forward to exploring what orthodontics can do for you.

Smile with confidence with help from an orthodontist in Hampshire

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Straighter teeth bring health benefits at any age, with the added bonus of aesthetics worth smiling about. Modern dentistry means teeth straightening has moved beyond traditional fixed metal braces. A wealth of new technologies are now available to meet your unique needs.

At Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire, our specialist orthodontist is on hand to guide you through all of the options available. With our knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that the most appropriate treatment will be made available to you.

orthodontics-in-hampshireExploring your options

With so many types of braces to choose from, it’s well worth arranging a consultation with our orthodontist in Hampshire. For now, here’s a quick rundown of some of the main teeth straightening solutions available at our friendly and welcoming practice:

  • Fixed metal braces: Traditional metal braces, comprising metal brackets and wires, are a reliable and cost effective solution for crooked, crowded and spaced out teeth. With Damon metal braces, the brackets used are smaller than with traditional metal braces. What’s more, low friction forces are used for greater comfort.
  • Fixed clear braces: Damon clear braces are just as effective as their metal counterparts but use clear brackets for a subtler look.
  • Lingual braces: This fixed braces system uses brackets attached to the backs of your teeth. To ensure a good fit, every bracket is custom-made for each tooth. These hidden braces are one of the most discreet teeth straightening solutions available.
  • Invisible braces: Invisalign technology – sometimes mistakenly spelt Invisaline – uses a series of clear acrylic aligners to gradually nudge your teeth into place. Hard to spot on your teeth and easy to take off when eating or brushing, Invisalign braces are an attractive option for those wanting minimal impact on their lifestyle.

An investment worth making

Call or email us today to arrange a consultation with our orthodontist in Hampshire. Together you can find the right braces for you, which means you’ll have the chance to enjoy a healthier smile and improved dental health. With straighter teeth being easier to clean, you will be less likely to encounter tooth decay and gum disease. So invest in braces today and spend less time at the dentist later.

Look forward to a healthy smile with a Hampshire orthodontist

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Are your teeth crooked, crowded or spaced out? If you answered yes, then you could benefit from the skills and know-how of an orthodontist in Hampshire.

At Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire, our experienced orthodontist is specially trained to handle a range of misaligned teeth, jaw and bite issues. With the experience of over 4000 orthodontic cases, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your teeth are in capable hands.

orthodontics-in-hampshireA guide to modern braces

We offer a range of effective teeth straightening solutions that take advantage of progress in dental materials and technology. Modern braces come in a variety of forms, which our orthodontist in Hampshire can talk through with you.

Braces broadly fall into two categories: removable and fixed. Fixed braces include traditional metal braces that use metal brackets attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment, connected by metal wires. We also offer Damon metal braces that use smaller metal brackets and lower friction forces for a more comfortable treatment journey. The Damon system also offers Damon Clear, which uses clear brackets for improved aesthetics during your treatment. For even greater discretion, lingual braces use metal brackets attached to the backs of your teeth, making them completely hidden from view.

For removable braces, we use Invisalign. Searching for more about this innovative technology, ‘Invisaline’ is an alternative spelling often mistakenly used. Invisalign treatment is also referred to as invisible braces. The series of clear aligners used to gently straighten your teeth are almost impossible for an untrained observer to spot. With the added flexibility of being able to take them off to eat, brush or floss, Invisalign braces are an appealing choice for those wanting the least disruption to their daily lifestyle.

Come talk to us

With so much to explore when it comes to orthodontics, talking to our orthodontist in Hampshire is the best way to arrive at the ideal solution for you. With the care and attention provided by our highly skilled staff, we will ensure your treatment journey is as smooth as possible. Get in touch today and start your journey towards straighter teeth.

Why see an orthodontist in Hampshire?

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If you get an ache in your jaw, neck ache or headaches, it could be that your teeth don’t bite together properly at the back. If you’ve explored all the other options and are still getting the aches, it could be worth visiting the orthodontist in Hampshire.

Why else would you need to see an orthodontist in Hampshire? There are many signs, including:

  • misaligned, crowded, crooked or protruding teeth
  • mouth breathing
  • grinding your teeth
  • inability to close your lips
  • clicking or shifting jaw
  • unintentionally biting the roof of your mouth or cheek.

orthodontics-in-hampshireTo make sure, come to Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire for a free consultation with our specialist orthodontist, Dr Suzette Mulder.

Our services

The systems we work with are:

  • Invisalign and Invisalign Teen
  • Damon clear braces
  • Damon metal braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Fixed Functional Appliances
  • Traditional metal braces
  • Cosmetic braces.

Let’s look at two of these options in more detail.

Damon metal braces

Damon metal braces are a modern system of brackets and wires and are more comfortable than traditional ‘train track’ braces. The brackets are smaller than traditional braces and there is no need for your teeth to be extracted to order to receive the treatment. There are also no plaque-attracting ties, so they are easier to keep clean and less likely to cause decay.

These braces move your teeth gently compared to traditional braces, making it easier on your teeth and gums and less uncomfortable for you. If you have Damon metal braces fitted, we will check your progress every six to eight weeks and adjust the wires as required.

Cosmetic braces

Perhaps you don’t have a major orthodontic issue, but you would like your smile to be straighter. We also offer braces for cosmetic adjustments and with the benefit of the latest 3D imaging technology, we can show you how your teeth will look after treatment. This means you can go into the process with full confidence that by the end of it, you will have the smile you’ve always wanted.

Talk to us today

Whatever your orthodontic needs, drop into the practice or give us a call today to find out how your orthodontist in Hampshire can help you to a happier, healthier smile.

Straighter teeth, hidden braces

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Are you an adult looking for an orthodontist in Hampshire? Do you want to straighten your teeth with the minimum impact on your social and professional life? At Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire,we offer a wide range of treatments to cover many different types of orthodontic cases – from mild misalignments to complex bite issues. And most importantly, we offer different kinds of hidden braces.

braces-in-hampshireWe understand that our adult patients don’t want to be wearing traditional metal train track braces for up to two years. As a modern orthodontist in Hampshire, we use the latest technology to give our patients the best experience we can. One way we do this is by using different types of discreet braces.

What we offer

Invisalign are clear, removable braces. They are thin moulds made from clear plastic – like a mouth guard. You change them every two weeks until your teeth are in their desired position. You can take them out for eating and cleaning and even though you need to wear them for 22 hours a day, you could even remove them for special occasions. Invisalign (sometimes misspelt Invisaline) are so discreet, no one will know you are wearing them unless you tell them.

Damon clear braces are tieless with high technology arch wires, meaning no unattractive metal wires and brackets on view. They are fixed onto your teeth for the course of the treatment and are resistant to staining and discolouration so stay hidden.

Lingual braces attach to the underside of the teeth and so are also hidden from view. Even though they use metal brackets and wires, they can’t be seen unless you tip your head back.

Get in touch

Our registered specialist orthodontist is Dr Suzette Mulder, who is a member of the British Orthodontic Society and a Fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontics. In her ten years of practice, Suzette has successfully completed more than 4000 cases.

If you aren’t sure whether you need to see an orthodontist in Hampshire or what treatment you need, drop into the surgery or give us a call to book a free consultation with Suzette. She can tell you everything you need to know about what we offer and how we can help you.

Finding the right place for you

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There are many things to take into consideration when choosing an orthodontist in Hampshire.

Orthodontic treatment typically lasts between one and two years, so you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the orthodontic team, the wider environment of the practice and the reception staff. You are going to be spending a big chunk of time here, so be sure to find a practice that feels right on all levels.

orthodontics-in-hampshireIn Hampshire, orthodontist Dr Suzette Mulder at Winchester Orthodontics is the lead practitioner at our surgery. She achieved an MSc in Orthodontics at the Medical University of South Africa and an award for the most eminent postgraduate student from the University of Pretoria. She has worked with more than 4000 patients over the past tenyears and brings all her knowledge and experience to her treatments.

The whole team

Suzette knows that it’s not just about her own skills – the team she has around her is also vital. This includes the orthodontic nurses, the patient co-ordinator and practice manager/receptionist. She knows that for you to have the best experience possible, it really is a team effort  –right from when you walk in the door and are greeted by the warm and welcoming environment.

Our style is cosy with a modern touch – we have televised signage for you to look at in the waiting area, which includes local adverts and practice information such as patient and staff achievements.

Our services

In Hampshire, orthodontist Dr Suzette Mulder offers a full range of orthodontic treatments, from teeth whitening to braces and aligners. This includes: Invisalign for adults and teenagers, Damon clear and metal braces,lingual braces, traditional metal braces, cosmetic braces and BioBiteCorrector®. Let’s take a look at one of these.

Invisalign is a system of clear braces that we fit for adults and teens. These are particularly popular because they are invisible – no one would know you are wearing them. Unlike traditional metal braces, they are also removable so, even though you need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day, they can be taken out when you eat and to clean.

Get in touch

Book in for a free consultation and find out how our orthodontist in Hampshire can help you to a happier, healthier smile.

Children and orthodontics

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The earlier you start looking after your children’s teeth, the better. But when is the right time to consider braces? At Winchester Orthodontics, Hampshire, we start to offer braces from around the age of 12, up to 16. Most of the adult teeth have come through by then and we will be able to see the situation in the mouth and advise on whether your child requires braces.

orthodontics-in-winchesterMany orthodontic treatments for children are available on the NHS and, if you would like to take advantage of this, then your dentist can talk to you about which options are covered.

We all know that looks are important to teenagers who may already be self-conscious even before they have to consider braces. There are ways to make orthodontics a bit trendier with coloured wires that fit around the brackets. They can opt for their favourite colours or perhaps ones that match the colours of a team they support.

Invisalign for teens

As part of our wide range, at Winchester Orthodontics, Hampshire, we also offer an Invisalign option for teenagers. These are much the same as the adult version in that they are a series of aligners that fit over the top of the teeth, which are changed at regular intervals by the patient at home. This control over the process is a top selling point for many adolescents.

One difference is that each aligner is marked with blue dots that fade over time. When the dots have completely faded then the patient will know that this aligner needs changing for the next in the series. This will help your teenager with the responsibility aspect of Invisalign. Invisalign Teen come with six free aligners to replace any that are lost, free of charge. This can save you quite a bit if your child is prone to losing things.

Another key difference is that there are features of Invisalign Teen that are designed to move the roots of the teeth, which is sometimes a key requirement for realignment.

Finally, there is a spatial allowance within Invisalign Teen aligners to make room for any teeth that are still coming through.

Whether you choose a more traditional approach or one of our other methods, at Winchester Orthodontics, Hampshire, want to make sure your child is happy and comfortable, so you can be too.

What is orthodontics?

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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that works with the growth of the teeth, jaw and face. Many people are looking for excellent all round dental health in Hampshire. Orthodontists do of course help create straighter smiles, but the work is much wider than that.

orthodontics-in-HampshireOrthodontics helps to bring your jaw and mouth into harmony by realigning any crookedness in your bite. When you can bite together smoothly it’s easier to take care of your teeth and gums. So it’s not just a cosmetic treatment, it also helps to improve your oral health. And of course give you renewed confidence in your smile!

Excellent patient care

At Winchester Orthodontics in Hampshire, orthodontist Dr Suzette Mulder brings her passion for her work and care for her patients into every treatment. We believe that not only should you have an excellent, straightforward and clear treatment plan, but also that you should feel comfortable and at ease whenever you come into the practice.

All our staff – Suzette, dental nurses Stacy and Sam, and practice manager Tams in all do their utmost to help you feel at ease, as soon as you walk in the door.

Our treatments

We offer a range of procedures including:

  • Invisalign for adults and teens – a system of invisible, removable, clear plastic aligners that fit snugly onto your teeth. Can be taken out when eating and to clean;
  • Damon clear braces – fixed, clear braces that are almost invisible. Fast treatment time compared to traditional braces;
  • Damon metal braces – fixed system that doesn’t use plaque-attracting metal ties and so are easier to clean. No need for teeth to be extracted to use these braces.
  • Lingual braces – particularly suitable for adults, these custom-made braces are fitted to the underside of the teeth and so aren’t readily visible when you smile;
  • Traditional metal braces – long-standing, effective and affordable way to straighten your smile;
  • BioBiteCorrector® – fixed metal appliance that helps to correct your bite, without the need to remove teeth;
  • Teeth whitening – at-home system using trays filled with whitening gel. Takes about two weeks to be effective.

Which is the right one for me?

Not every treatment is suitable for everyone in Hampshire. Orthodontist Dr Mulder can advise you on what will work for you and help you achieve a smile you can feel truly confident in.