Secret straightening with the orthodontist in Hampshire

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Getting your teeth straightened no longer has to be a show that the whole world gets to view and, for some, feel like they can participate in with invasive stares and questions. When you come to the orthodontist in Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics, we have ways to straighten teeth that allow you to keep your treatment to yourself.

Orthodontist in HampshireThis can be very important if you have a job that requires you to look professional and well-groomed at all times. Also, if you need to have an air of authority about you.

Metal braces are so heavily associated with being an adolescent that wearing them as an adult makes people look twice. That’s ok if you don’t work with the public, but if you do, and especially if you work with children, you will need to find some other way to straighten your teeth. Imagine trying to control a class of 14-year-olds when you look like one yourself. Impossible!

The orthodontist in Hampshire has 2 devices that are so well designed that they really can be described as invisible braces. One works very well on mild to moderate alignment issues and the other is great for more complex or severe malocclusions.

Mild to moderate issues

More than 6 million people worldwide have used Invisalign (often miss-spelled as Invisaline) clear aligners to straighten their teeth. These transparent braces look like mouth guards rather than traditional braces. They work by having pressure points inside them that press on the teeth to get them to move.

They are so thin that once they are in place, people don’t see them.

You wear them for at least 20 hours a day, but you take them out to eat and drink anything that’s not just plain water. This gives you a lot more freedom when it comes to eating and cleaning your braces.

Complex or severe issues

Bracket and wire braces are still best for more severe or complex alignment issues because they pull teeth into position. The orthodontist in Hampshire has these braces that, instead of going on the front of the teeth, are cemented onto the tongue side of them so that they are completely hidden from view.

Come on in for a consultation.

Invisaline? Invisalign? What’s in a word?

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If you have been searching online for Invisaline clear aligners and don’t get many results, it’s because the brand name is actually spelt Invisalign. And you get this revolutionary brand of teeth straighteners from your orthodontist in Hampshire, Winchester Orthodontics.

Orthodontist in HampshireCan you see them? No, you can’t

If you are already searching online for these great invisible braces then you probably already know that once the aligners are put on over your teeth, they are very hard to spot. Maybe your mum or your partner will notice you are wearing them, but as you go through everyday life, it’s unlikely anyone else will.

This is because the transparent plastic from which Invisalign clear braces are made is so thin, only 0.3mm, that it hugs your teeth like an extra layer of enamel.

Hassle-free straightening

Do you also know that these transparent braces from the orthodontist in Hampshire are removable? You have to take them out every time you eat or drink something other than plain water.

This is so that the plastic does not discolour and become visible over your teeth. What it means for you though is that you can continue to eat whatever grabs you at mealtimes, which is always a good thing.

You do still have to clean your teeth after every meal or snack. But what people tend to find is that they indulge in less snacking to avoid having to brush and that they can actually lose some unwanted weight on Invisalign.

How to get Invisalign

The first thing to do is pick up the phone, or send an email, to book a free consultation with our orthodontist in Hampshire, Dr Suzette Mulder. When you come in, she will check that Invisalign is right for you, take detailed measurements and send them off to the manufacturer in the USA.

When they come in, you will be fitted with the first one and then you work your way through the aligners, with regular checks with Suzette that your treatment is on track. On average, it takes about a year.

Come on in and find out more from your orthodontist in Hampshire.

Take the sting out of teeth straightening at the orthodontist in Hampshire

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Does your teen need their teeth straightening? Are they concerned about conspicuous braces? Our orthodontist in Hampshire may have just what you need.

Orthodontist in HampshireDr Suzette Mulder has worked with the Invisalign braces system for several years and has seen it change patients’ lives. Not only does Invisalign (sometimes misspelt Invisaline) help adult patients who want to keep their braces treatment less conspicuous, it’s also great for self-conscious teens who don’t want to endure school yard taunts.

Invisalign uses pairs of clear, thin, plastic aligners to push the teeth into position. Each pair of aligners are worn for 7-10 days until the feeling of pressure has worn off. It has both adult and teen options for treatment.

Invisalign Teen has small blue dots on the back of the aligner that fade as the treatment takes its course. Once the blue dots have gone, it’s time to change for the next pair of aligners in the series. This helps your youngster to keep on track with their treatment, while managing to keep up with homework, after school activities and a busy social life.

For the treatment to be a success, they will need to remember to take out and clean their aligners, and clean their teeth, each time they eat or drink anything other than plain water. This is because if they don’t, the aligners will stain, taking away their invisibility. But if your kid has the discipline to do this, Invisalign is a great option for realigning their teeth.

Invisalign has just realised another product for teens: the Invisalign Teen Mandibular Advancement. This can be used in conjunction with a regular Invisalign Teen treatment and is used to bring forward the jaw. It doesn’t affect speech, doesn’t cover the palate and doesn’t irritate the soft tissues of the bottom arch, meaning it is comfortable to wear. And in common with the aligners, it is clear, so again provides a discreet option for your self-conscious adolescent.

Drop into the surgery with your teen today and find out from our orthodontist in Hampshire whether Invisalign Teen is the right clear braces choice for your family. They will need to undergo an initial consultation before Dr Mulder can confirm suitability.

Hidden braces: a world of possibility

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At Winchester Orthodontics, we have a wide range of braces on offer. If you’ve looked into getting your teeth straightened before and thought, nah, this is not for me, come in and have a chat with our orthodontist in Hampshire, Dr Suzette Mulder. You may be surprised at what she can offer you.

Orthodontist in HampshireFor cosmetic adjustments, that is, braces that straighten up mild-to-moderately misaligned teeth, our orthodontist in Hampshire can offer you discreet braces. This means that, not only will your teeth straighten up over time, but most people won’t even realise you are having any work done.

One example of what’s on offer is Damon Clear. These fast-acting braces use a slide brackets attached to memory wires. This mechanism moves with the teeth as they realign, so the brackets don’t need to be tightened and readjusted.

Damon Clear uses transparent brackets, meaning the device is almost invisible, and exerts less pressure on the teeth than its traditional counterparts.

Another type of clear braces our orthodontist in Hampshire offers is Invisalign (sometimes misspelled as Invisaline). This doesn’t use brackets and wires at all, but pairs of clear, plastic aligners (much like thin mouth guards) that fit snugly over the teeth. Once in place, the aligners are transparent and can’t be seen, except if someone is really close up. The aligners are also removable, so easy to clean and maintain.

There’s also the option of lingual braces from our orthodontist in Hampshire. These are traditional fixed, metal braces but with one difference: they are fitted to the back profile of the teeth and so are hidden from view. Lingual braces can treat a wide range of conditions and as they are custom made for each patient, give our orthodontist in Hampshire a lot of control over how the realignment goes.

Lingual braces are great for anyone who wants a discreet teeth-straightening treatment, but they’re particularly handy for anyone who needs to keep the front of their mouth clear, such as contact sports players and brass and woodwind musicians.

Talk to our orthodontist in Hampshire today about a teeth-straightening treatment: you might be surprised what you discover.

Is Invisalign Teen right for your child?

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Many teenagers find out that they might benefit from braces when they visit the dentist. This is because teeth rarely grow through perfectly and they sometimes need a little help to get into the right positions. This is often easier to do at an earlier age. A referral to the orthodontist in Hampshire at Winchester Orthodontics is the start of a teeth-straightening journey that will set your teen up with a beautifully aligned smile for life.

Orthodontist in HampshireThere are plenty of options when it comes to braces. One of the methods that the orthodontist in Hampshire might suggest is Invisalign Teen. This is a system that utilises clear aligners. These are inserted and removed solely by your teenager so they will feel in control of the process. As long as they follow the guidelines provided by Winchester Orthodontics, Invisalign is very effective at creating straight smiles.

Almost invisible

The primary reason why you might choose Invisalign Teen for your child is so that they can avoid the stigma that might be attached to the look of traditional braces. Each aligner is clear so the teeth can be seen. This means that most people won’t even be able to tell they are wearing braces.

Handy reminders

Invisalign aligners need to be changed every two weeks. With everything that teenagers have to think about, it might be easy for them to forget how long they have been wearing their current aligner for. This is why Invisalign came up with the blue dot system. Each Invisalign aligner has two discreet, blue dots on it. These fade over the course of a couple of weeks. When they are gone, it’s time to change the aligner.

Continued activities

Invisalign Teen aligners are smooth on the outside and comfortable. This means they won’t affect activities such as sports, playing musical instruments and even kissing. Less disruption for your teenager means they are more likely to be happy with their treatment.

Free replacements

At Winchester Orthodontics, we know teenagers often misplace things. That’s why our orthodontist in Hampshire offers 6 free replacement aligners over the course of treatment. This saves you money and stops you having to worry about your teen’s dental equipment all the time.

’Invisaline’ or ‘Invisalign’? The definitive answer

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If you think Invisalign is spelt ‘invisaline’, you’re not alone. Plenty of people think the same, which is one of the reasons why we include it here. At Winchester Orthodontics, we don’t think anyone should miss out on the benefits of invisible teeth straightening for any reason, let alone a completely understandable misspelling. Now that you’re here, we can talk to you about Invisalign and some of the other offerings you can explore at the orthodontist in Hampshire.

Orthodontist in HampshireWhat can you do at the orthodontist in Hampshire?

The orthodontist in Hampshire is here to make your realignment dreams come true. They design treatment plans to straighten the wobbliest of smiles, close unsightly gaps and ensure that everyone can bite down in comfort.

What treatments do orthodontists use?

Primarily, orthodontists use braces or aligners to straighten teeth. Occasionally, they might use other equipment such as dental implants to use as anchors for orthodontic work. The whole teeth-realignment process is very precise and much of the planning work is done digitally these days. The orthodontist needs to track the probable effect of any work on all of the teeth in the mouth to avoid issues.

Braces come in different materials and use various methods for teeth straightening. The orthodontist at Winchester Orthodontics will talk you through each method that is available to you. In the end, you will be able to make an informed choice about which you want to use.

How long will you see the orthodontist for?

You may be referred to an orthodontist for the duration of your treatment and then return to your regular dentist afterwards. This can take anything from a few months to a couple of years. Another option is that the orthodontist will work in concert with your regular dentist. The exact course of treatment will depend on the complexity of your case and the conditions in your mouth.

Your teeth need to be healthy to begin with so, if you need any preparatory care, this will be performed before you work with the orthodontist to realign your teeth. Orthodontists are highly trained in their particular skill set that they are usually much in demand and rarely do regular dental work.

Exploring the alternatives to metal braces

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Most people associate metal braces with unattractive brackets and wires. Luckily, dental technology has evolved and modern metal braces are not as unattractive as their predecessors. However, a lot of people still refuse to consider them as an option because they are visible. In this case, discreet orthodontics are a better fit.

Orthodontist in HampshireAt Winchester Orthodontics, we offer our patients a variety of alternatives to metal braces. Whether you need to straighten your front teeth or fix a bite problem, your orthodontist in Hampshire can help you pick the best treatment for you.


If you want to avoid fixed braces altogether, Invisalign (sometimes spelt Invisaline) is a treatment to consider. This innovative teeth straightening system consists of clear aligners that can be taken out during the day. The aligners are made with a special thermoplastic material that is durable and fit snugly onto the dental arch of each patient. Invisalign comes in different versions and can be customised for teenagers (Invisalign Teen) or patients with minor dental problems affecting their front teeth (Invisalign i7).

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are fixed metal braces that are hidden behind the teeth. Because of their positon in the patient’s mouth, they are completely invisible. No one will know that you are undergoing treatment, unless you inform them. Your orthodontist in Winchester will customise the brackets and glue them carefully onto the back of each tooth. Unlike Invisalign and other cosmetic braces, lingual braces can fix a wide variety of dental problems, no matter how serious they are.

Damon clear braces

Just as their name suggests, Damon clear braces are transparent. Moreover, they are not connected by a wire, but by patented high-tech archwires that have proven to minimise treatment time. Damon clear braces also require fewer visits to the dentist for adjustments and are easy to clean.

Don’t postpone your visit to the orthodontist in Hampshire

Metal braces are still popular, but they are not the only option if you want to straighten your teeth or improve your bite. To learn more about our range of discreet orthodontics, feel free to reach out to us by phone or email. We look forward helping you improve your smile.

Considering visiting the orthodontist in Hampshire as an adult?

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If you are an adult with misaligned teeth, then you have probably considered teeth straightening. There are many reasons why treatment supervised by an orthodontist in Hampshire would be beneficial for you and it’s never too late to have braces.

Orthodontist in HampshireAt Winchester Orthodontics, we are all about discreet orthodontics. By visiting our experienced orthodontist in Hampshire, you will have the opportunity to learn more about different treatments that are specifically designed for adults who wish to straighten their teeth without bringing any attention to their smile.

Whether you like the idea of invisible aligners or braces behind your teeth, at Winchester Orthodontics we have the solution to fit your lifestyle.

Teeth can move even when you are an adult

Even if you had straight teeth as a child or you underwent teeth straightening treatment successfully before, it is likely that your teeth will move again later in life. And while it’s impossible to know the exact reason behind this (for some people it might be related to genetics), crooked teeth can be fixed whether you are 20 or 60. Orthodontic treatment is beneficial for adults of all ages and is made more appealing with the introduction of discreet and easy-to-use orthodontic techniques and appliances.

Crooked teeth can cause problems

Crooked teeth are not only harmful to your image – they can also cause serious dental problems if not treated properly. For instance, did you know that people with crooked teeth are more likely to develop gum disease and/or tooth decay just because they can’t brush and floss their teeth efficiently? Moreover, certain teeth alignment problems can cause headaches and jaw problems. To avoid the pain, book an appointment with your orthodontist in Hampshire today.

We have everything you need

If you would like to explore your orthodontic options but you are not sure about a specific treatment, we are here to help. From Invisalign (often spelt Invisaline) to lingual braces and traditional braces, at Winchester Orthodontics we have your teeth straightening needs covered. Our dentists will examine your teeth carefully and suggest the best treatment for you. We look forward to helping you restore your beautiful smile.

Improved alignment

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If your teeth are poorly aligned, there are many ways to adjust them without causing too much unwanted disruption. Modern appliances like hidden braces and clear braces have a comfortable feel and a discreet appearance. In many cases, these appliances can stay almost undetected throughout the whole duration of your treatment. At the orthodontist in Hampshire, you can find a dental realignment treatment that fits in with your lifestyle. Here at Winchester Orthodontics, we have many years of experience in providing the appropriate treatments for a wide range of dental misalignment problems.

Orthodontist in HampshireQuality control

We keep up to date with industry developments so that we can offer innovative solutions for your dental worries at the orthodontist in Hampshire. You might be curious about the treatment known as Invisalign, which is sometimes wrongly spelled ‘Invisaline’. This highly comfortable appliance uses transparent plastic to maintain low visibility. The Hampshire orthodontist will measure your teeth in detail, and a dental laboratory will then produce a series of aligners based on your measurements. For 7-10 days, you’ll wear a set of these aligners over your teeth. Then you wear the next set for a similar length of time, and so on until the series is finished. The gradually changing shapes of the aligners gently pressure your teeth into enhanced positions.

Plenty of options

We have more traditional braces that use wires and brackets attached to your dental surfaces. However, being made of tooth-coloured and transparent materials helps these appliances to be more visually harmonious than older, highly visible metal braces. The orthodontist in Hampshire will talk to you about which options are right for your condition. The experienced team here is tactful and understanding. We know that realigning the teeth can transform your dental wellbeing.

You might just want to make a minor adjustment to a few of your most visible teeth. We have appliances designed specifically to address these cosmetic issues. Often, people are surprised by how little time it can take to make their desired adjustments with a Hampshire orthodontist. Once you have a better-looking smile, you might feel better about your appearance overall.

Positive dental adjustments

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If you want to change the alignment of your teeth but aren’t sure which methods are right for you, come and talk to an experienced Hampshire orthodontist at Winchester Orthodontics. We offer a wide range of modern ways to enhance your dental alignment. We use contemporary appliances such as hidden braces, transparent braces, and Invisalign, which is sometimes mis-spelled ‘Invisaline’. Our aim is to improve the appearance and performance of your teeth without causing too much disruption in your daily routines.

Orthodontist in HampshireEnhancing teeth at the Hampshire orthodontist

There are many reasons why you might want to visit the orthodontist in Hampshire. You might be dissatisfied with the appearance of the teeth at the front of your mouth. We know that a minor misalignment can often have a disproportionately large effect on your overall visual appeal. In cases like this, we might offer you invisible braces that make your desired improvements in a relatively short amount of time.

Alternatively, you might want to change the position of most of your teeth. Having a misaligned bite and a crooked smile can be an uncomfortable experience. When food particles and bacteria have places to hide from the bristles of your toothbrush, you have an increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

We’ll examine your mouth in detail and help you to make an informed decision about the type of treatment you want. We can offer hidden braces, which are attached to the backs of your teeth. Made of lightweight wires and brackets, these appliances bring your teeth into a healthier alignment without attracting unwanted attention.

Transparent changes

Invisalign is another treatment available at the Hampshire orthodontist. During this process, you’ll wear a series of transparent plastic aligners that have been specially produced for your individual dental requirements. The aligners fit comfortably over your teeth and do not rely on attachments. Since they’re made of clear plastic, they’re difficult for others to see, so you can get on with life as normal.

Going to the orthodontist in Hampshire is a big step towards making a long-term positive change in your oral health and dental appearance. We aim to give you a more appealing smile and a mouth that functions more efficiently.